Types Of New Zealand Work Visas

The type of New Zealand work visa you can get depends on various factors. Some of the most popular work visas for NZ will be discussed here. Afterwards, you can decide if you should speak with an immigration consultant apply for one of them Free train simulator download full version german.


Essential Skills Work Visa
This visa allows you to remain in New Zealand for up to five years. The Essential Skills Work Visa lets you work in the country in NZ for an employer who has offered you a job, but the job has to be full-time. However, the length of time you’re allowed to stay depends on the job you’re offered Download the sea noise for free.

Another condition of this visa is that the employer must have tried to find suitable New Zealanders to fill the job. If they cannot find someone, then they can officially offer you a job. Its important to note that the Essential Skills Work Visa doesn’t allow you to work for yourself download in chrome. In order to be self-employed, you will need to apply for a different work visa.

Specific Purpose Work Visa
The Specific Purpose Work visa is intended for those who want to go to NZ for a specific event or purpose. In order to quality, you must possess skills related to the purpose of your visit or event and you have to define a time period for your event or purpose origin must download files and is waiting for permission to do so. For example, you might be a sports player who needs to stay in the country for a week or two or you may be a business person on secondments or a specialist installer.

Work Holiday Visa
Work holiday visas are available for those who are aged 18 to 30, but the age may be up to 35 download the graphics card driver. It depends on the country you are from, and if you’re approved for a working holiday visa, then you will be able to travel and work in the country for up to a year. If you’re from Canada or the United Kingdom, then you can stay for up to a period of 23 months. You do need a return ticket or enough cash to get a return ticket Spotify download app.

Skill Shortage Visa For The Long Term
If you have a specific type of visa, and you have been working in the country for more than two years, then you can apply for this particular NZ visa. You also need to have ongoing employment and your salary has to be at least $45,000 (NZD). One of the best things about this particular visa is it allows you to remain indefinitely, which is why so many people are interested in obtaining it pc games deutsch kostenlos downloaden. It essentially allows people to live and work in the New Zealand on a permanent basis.

Feel free to apply for either an Essential Skills Work Visa, Specific Purpose Work Visa, Work Holiday Visa or a Long Term Skill Shortage. Do bear in mind that these are only a few work visas available. Research as many work visas as you can and then apply for the one you think you are interested in getting the most yoox app.

Essential Skills work visa
If you have actually been offered a full-time role and have the relevant qualifications and experience to operate in that job, you maybe eligible for a temporary work visa to work in New Zealand.

The employer will need to provide evidence showing whether any New Zealanders were offered to do the work during the recruitment phase.

Depending on whether the role is high or low skilled, you might be able to support dependent visa applications for your partner/children. Your family will have be assessed based on their relationship to you smileys for free.

Visa currency usually ranges from 1-3 years, sometimes 5 years, depending upon the type and skill level of the role.

This visa doesn’t permit self-employment. The entrepreneur work visa is suited for business owners should this be preferred.

International Working Holiday Visa

This category allows certain citizens aged 18-30 years to apply for either a 12 or 23 month multiple entry visa background images to download hd. This visa category serves as is useful introduction in getting to know the country, travel and work upto 12 months to supplement your time while in New Zealand.

If the 12 month visa is selected, you can use the balance of the 23 month duration once in New Zealand and by submitting a medical certificate.
You can’t bring a partner or children however they can apply for a own visa in their own right and join you while staying in New Zealand.

Partnership Work Visa

IF you have been living with a New Zealand resident or citizen for a certain time and have suitable documentation, then you maybe eligible to live with them on an open partnership work visa.

Documentation normally consists of proof of living together ie. tenancy agreements, bank statement s and other important documents. Depending on how long you have been living together, the visa is issued from 1-2 years.

this usually allows the relationship to continue whilst living in New Zealand prior to a resident application being made.

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